Monthly Archives: May 2011

Manitoba Summer

I’ve been working on my Masters this year at a school in Vancouver (Regent College), and in 10 days, this amazing chapter in my life will be coming to a close.  I mean, I’ll be taking some distance courses and coming back next spring for a short course or two, but living here – being on campus day after day, meeting with Profs 1 on 1 on a consistent basis, looking at the mountains over the beautiful downtown skyline – will be over. It’s been a remarkable time. On one hand, leaving is hard, but on the other, terribly exciting!  I love Winnipeg, and I love photography – and I have the privilege of joining the two once again…. soon!!  Not only that, but I get to combine the former two with other favorite things: friends, family, Teddy Bear (the family dog), the lake, and MANITOBA SUMMER – complete with engagement and wedding shoots in the summer sun, gelati, wild-blueberry picking, bonfires, and family fun!!!  I’ve had summer on the brain lately (can you tell?).  It doesn’t hurt that I recently acquired some new editing tools and skills and spent some time re-editing (or editing for the first time)  some fun year-old photo files!  Here are some pictures that I discovered (or re-discovered) in the vast abyss that is my computer.  They are on the broad theme of summer, lake, family, and dog.  Enjoy!  And dream of summer – it’s just around the corner:)

Pictures of MB Summer

Grandpa is 100

My Grandpa (on my Father’s side) was born 100 years ago today. He is a bright, hilarious, charismatic, interesting, witty, and warm man. He is a real character and has enriched my life immeasurably.  Amazingly, he still gives voice lessons, goes on long walks, and entertains the family with his stories, humour, and health advice. What a guy! Besides being resilient and obviously blessed with long life, I attribute much of his longevity and quality of life to Grandma, who is incredibly nurturing, optimistic, hard-working, and full of life and faith.

I love them both dearly.

Here’s a little picture tribute to Grandpa (and my wonderful and stylish Grandma, too!):