Summer In Stripes: Erik and Ethan, 2014 | Winnipeg Kids Photographer


Hi Friends! Welcome to my FIRST BLOG ENTRY in nearly a year. Oh my! Where have I been, you ask? Well…. besides momming it up full-time-ish, I’ve been studying like crazy, trying to finish off a Masters degree. It has been incredibly hard work, but very rewarding. And – I’m nearly done. As in, I’m in my final course. So close! After that you will be seeing much more of me on here.

Anyway, more on my life another time. This post is about my beautiful baby boy, Ethan, and his beautiful “twin” cousin, Erik. I say “twin” because they were born a week apart. But I’m pretty sure that’s where their obvious similarities end. Yes they are both sweet, silly, cute, and stripey, but their personalities are so (!!!) unique and it’s hilarious to see them together. Between the mosquitoes and Ethan’s boundless restless energy, wrangling them was tough work (thanks Tam). Behind the scenes things looked like this sometimes….



and like this at other times…



How do you get 18 month olds to STAY STILL? You don’t. But we managed to snag a few cute shots of our striped baby boys, anyway. Enjoy!



Stay tuned for next year’s Erik+Ethan shoot. Maybe they’ll even smile at the same time for us by then? Not holding my breath.