Just Married: Jeff and Christine – Part 2 of 2 | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer


Christine and Jeff’s was a beautiful wedding! If you missed Part 1 of this post, HERE‘s the link to it. This is part two, with more photos from our time in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and the English Gardens (SO GORGEOUS in fall, I might add!) as well as shots of reception decor details. These two did a fabulous job planning their big day, and all the details – big and small – served to create an inviting and beautiful environment for their guests, and over all, an atmosphere of love and celebration as they covenanted marriage before their friends and families.

Without further ado, here it is: Part 2 of 2





Just Married: Jeff and Christine – Part 1 of 2 | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer


It was such a privilege being part of Jeff and Christine’s wedding day. These two are really fine people (as are their friends and families!). Their wedding was fun and beautiful and really thoughtful on every level. The ceremony took place at St. Margaret’s Anglican church, and thereafter we hopped around to a couple different photo locations, my favourite being Assiniboine Park’s Leo Mol Garden / the English Gardens. Finally, we ended up at the lovely Qualico Centre for the reception.

I’ve decided to post this sneak peek in 2 parts. Today you get a taste of the first part of the day. Stay tuned for Part 2 where you get a peek at some more Assiniboine Park shots, as well as Qualico reception detail pictures!!

Many thanks, Christine and Jeff, for inviting me to be part of this incredible day in your life! Blessings on you both,


Update* Here’s the link to Part 2



A Walk In The Woods


This past weekend we took a little family trek up to Little Mountain Park. We bundled up against the cold fall wind and picked up an obligatory latte, and off we went! I was able to grab a few shots of my handsome boys, which delighted me to no end. Weird how as a photographer I sometimes have a shortage of photos of my own family!! This one is my very favourite:



At one point during our walk Ethan started yelling in earnest about the monkey he thought he saw in the forest, which totally cracked us up. In this pic he is indicating where he saw the “monkey” – he was so cute and serious about it.



My boy is SO HARD to keep still for photos, but on a positive note, he basically ran the whole time we were there, so burned off plenty of steam. My mom is really emphatic that kids, like dogs (haha) really need to get their energy out in positive ways. I have to agree. Anyway, here are a few of my faves from our stroll… oh, and I included a few pics of my ever-expanding baby belly to satisfy curiosity (in particular: my sister in Calgary was getting after me for some belly shots).

I hope you’re all having a peaceful, cozy autumn!



Just Married: Matthew and Moé | Winnipeg Wedding Photography


Matthew and Moé got married late August, and theirs was a beautiful and memorable wedding. Marcus and I went home afterward feeling both happy for them, and grateful for the privilege of photographing their big day.

These two are a total class act (to quote Marcus) – they were the picture of kindness and grace all day long.  I loved how they went out of their way to create a warm, relational, yet super classy environment for all their guests. In keeping with this crazy summer, the weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate, but last minute the skies cleared they said their vows during a gorgeous – and rain-free!! – ceremony in the outdoor garden at the Assiniboine Park Pavilion. After some mingling and appetizers (and formal photographs!) everyone headed indoors for a delicious meal catered by and hosted in Terrace in the Park.
It was super cool when part way through the reception Matt and Moé surprised their guests with an outfit change, emerging to cheers and gasps in beautiful traditional Pakistani attire. So fun. Not to mention exquisite looking. I loved the celebration of culture that happened that day!!

Matt and Moé, thank you again for inviting us to capture your wedding day!! Enjoy the sneak-peek.



Summer In Stripes: Erik and Ethan, 2014 | Winnipeg Kids Photographer


Hi Friends! Welcome to my FIRST BLOG ENTRY in nearly a year. Oh my! Where have I been, you ask? Well…. besides momming it up full-time-ish, I’ve been studying like crazy, trying to finish off a Masters degree. It has been incredibly hard work, but very rewarding. And – I’m nearly done. As in, I’m in my final course. So close! After that you will be seeing much more of me on here.

Anyway, more on my life another time. This post is about my beautiful baby boy, Ethan, and his beautiful “twin” cousin, Erik. I say “twin” because they were born a week apart. But I’m pretty sure that’s where their obvious similarities end. Yes they are both sweet, silly, cute, and stripey, but their personalities are so (!!!) unique and it’s hilarious to see them together. Between the mosquitoes and Ethan’s boundless restless energy, wrangling them was tough work (thanks Tam). Behind the scenes things looked like this sometimes….



and like this at other times…



How do you get 18 month olds to STAY STILL? You don’t. But we managed to snag a few cute shots of our striped baby boys, anyway. Enjoy!



Stay tuned for next year’s Erik+Ethan shoot. Maybe they’ll even smile at the same time for us by then? Not holding my breath.


E-Sesh: Courtney and Jesse | Winnipeg Wedding Photography



I’m so excited to be part of Courtney and Jesse’s wedding:) These two are lovely. Courtney and I have known (and/or known of) each other for a long time now — since her friends Sara and Ben got hitched 2 summers ago, in fact!! When she and Jesse starting planning for their own big day, they dropped me a line. I’m glad they did! Courtney is literally one of the sweetest, kindest, most considerate clients I’ve ever worked with. Ever. PLUS, she is a talented photographer, herself. Lots of affinity there:)  Aaaanyway, here’s their e-sesh sneak peek. Their wedding is coming up in a few short weeks…. yay!

Cheers to you, Court and Jesse!



Devin and Alysha Tie the Knot! Winnipeg Wedding Photography



How cute are these two!?

I met Alysha – what? – a year ago now? She and I clicked right away, and have been in touch off an on over the past year as she and Devin worked out the details of their wedding day… Last fall we met up in Assiniboine forest for a family/engagement shoot. Fun! (You can see those pics here.)

The big day dawned with much excitement and anticipation. And their efforts paid off – from details small to big, theirs was a beautiful day. Thanks for inviting me to celebrate your love with you, Devin and Alysha! Enjoy the sneak peek.




Just Married: Haley and Scott | Winnipeg Wedding Photography


Marcus and I walked away from this wedding talking about how super nice Haley and Scott are – seriously, what an awesome, grounded, genuine, kind, cool couple. We felt truly privileged to be part of their day. These two sure love each other A LOT, and their friends and family just added to the joy and warmth between them. It was a great day! (Albeit very, very, very hot — but who am I to complain. I’ll take too much heat over not-enough.)

Enjoy the sneak peek!


p.s. The vests the guys wore are from Guatemala, one of about a bazillion places H&S have traveled to… Also note the sweet travel theme in their reception decor. Love it.




Just Married: Toby and Kevin | Winnipeg Wedding Photographers

Marcus and I joined forces on Toby and Kevin’s lovely June wedding day…. we had a relatively short time to get a whole lot of pictures, so having the two of us going was great (and fun! I love working with him). This couple is lovely and sweet and kind, and between a stroll about the exchange district, an intimate ceremony at Dalnavert Museum, and a photo session in and about the beautiful, historic site, we had a bounty of photos documenting their special day and – more importantly – their beautiful relationship:) Thanks, Toby and Kevin, for giving us a glimpse into your life and love on such a profound day!!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

E-Session: Toby and Kevin | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

I think it had been over a year since I last saw Toby and Kevin, so it was sooo nice to meet up with them recently for the long-awaited E-Session. We took a low key approach and just meandered around the Osborne area, taking advantage of neat fences and walls for photo backdrops. Fun!

These two are so great together, and are truly lovely and down-to-earth (not to mention, very hip! I love their style.). Looking forward to photographing their wedding — soon!