Just Married: Katy and David


Words don’t describe the affection I have for this wonderful pair. Katy and David are good friends of mine and Marcus’, and we felt really delighted and privileged to be behind the lens on their wedding day. It was such fun, and really inspiring and energizing being with these two – and their amazing friends and family!! Their wedding was beautiful and creative – both in terms of people and in detail/decor – but most of all, it was full of love and faith and good-will all ’round.

I’m sorry to everyone who has been eagerly awaiting this blog post. It is overdue!… I hope you’ll find your patience rewarded here in this “sneak peek.”



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E-Session: Mark and Alicia | Winnipeg Wedding Photographers


Mark and Alicia’s wedding isn’t until next year, but we decided to do the e-session this spring… just because. It was SO beautiful in Assiniboine Forest and this easygoing and lovely pair were truly refreshing to be with – and easy to photograph. They’re kind, thoughtful, funny, and generally excellent people who obviously really love and like each other. So nice to be able to capture some of that from my side of the lens!

I look forward to photographing their big day next summer.

Cheers to you, Alicia and Mark!!



E-Session: Katy and David | Winnipeg Wedding Photographers


These two are getting married in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! I’m so excited. They are such wonderful people – deep, thoughtful, compassionate, beautiful, faithful, mature, fun, loving, creative, vibrant souls; full of integrity and good will, and deeply committed to one another. I just love them, and am really thrilled and honoured that Marcus and I get to capture their wedding day on camera. So… stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here’s a wee – and long overdue – post of their engagement session pics.


xo – Meg



Baby Naomi | Winnipeg Family Photographer | Winnipeg Baby Photographer


I feel exceedingly privileged that this awesome family keeps asking me to photograph them! I photographed Leah and Travis’ engagement, their wedding, a super fun winter picnic of the two of them before baby arrived, and NOW, a family session with their gorgeous and sweet little Naomi. Confession: This shoot took place last fall, and I sort of went underground ALL WINTER c/o my own two precious and very busy little ones. But I’m back in the ring and planning on catching up on posting about some sessions I did get to do between last Summer and now:)… as well as doing more sessions, too, of course! So stay tuned for more blogging coming from moi!!

Here’s my very favourite shot from our session. Daddies + their baby girls… I think of my own dad and how, even now, I can see how tender he feels toward me, and how much I am cherished. What a gift!


I adore this family so much, and there’s an added bonus of them being so creative and so game that I have a very hard time selecting and narrowing down on their “best” shots. How to pick?! Look at the cuteness! And look at the props! And look at the scenery! It’s an aesthetic feast for me as the photographer, and hopefully for you as the viewer, too.




Just Married: Reagan and Scott | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Reagan + Scott Title Pic

Reagan and Scott got married on a gorgeous and VERY hot august day. To say their wedding was beautiful is an understatement…

The happy couple positively glowed — these two love each other a ton — and every detail of the day was so thoughtfully and artfully orchestrated or crafted or placed, making for a truly heartwarming (and fun!) celebration of marriage and community.

Their ceremony and reception were held and the Hitch ‘n Post, which happens to be a location I love photographing. From the weathered wood barn wall, to the colourful and rusty cars, to the lush green trees all about, to the quirky and fun reception hall (the hanging lights are amazing!)… such an aesthetic feast. Reagan worked so hard putting together all the hand-crafted touches — centerpieces and buntings and… you name it. Just look at the pics and you’ll see. It was so pretty and tasteful. I loved it.

Thanks for inviting Johanna (the awesome second shooter) and I to be part of your wedding day, you two! We love your commitment to your relationship, and we love how much joy you find in one another. All the very best in your life together.

Congrats, Reagan and Scott!

And now to the sneak peek….:




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Just Married: Jenny and Harlyn | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer


Jenny and Harlyn’s wedding day was a joy and laughter-filled celebration. These two are really kind, beautiful people (I’m convinced that everyone who meets them must like them as much as I do!) who are very much in love. Needless to say, photographing* them was a treat.

They, along with their excellent wedding planner (Amanda – from Like A Star Weddings), put tons of work into throwing a “Roaring 20s” themed wedding, and it all came together beautifully. The ceremony and reception took place in Winnipeg’s MET, and other photographs took place in various downtown spots. This is a good time to give a nod to my excellent second shooter, Johanna Rockwell. Several of the pics featured below were snapped by her.

…Enough talk! I know you’re really here for the pictures:)

Behold! Jenny and Harlyn’s “Roaring 20s” themed wedding Sneak Peek:



W-JH-blog2 W-JH-blog3

Where have I disappeared to, you ask?

Hi friends! It has been tooooooo long! I dropped out of the blog world for a while — for a most wonderful reason:

Our darling Ella Maisy was born last December and has been busy capturing hearts ever since. And taking up all my time – along with my busy and beautiful Ethan, of course.

Here she is, only a few days old (this was taken in winter, when she was a newborn).


I’m planning on mostly-full-time-momming it for the next while, but will keep my foot in the photography world too. Even if sometimes that just involves posts of beautiful quotidian things. Ordinary happenings like playing at the lake or hanging out with babies, pictures and stories about people and places and things I love and notice. The sorts of things one sees and enjoys when simply living life and seeking to be “present” and grateful.

This summer I’ve had the privilege of doing some photo work with some really DELIGHTFUL people, and I’ll try to post some sneak peeks and whatnot on that in the next few weeks — a wedding post from the lovely Jenny and Harlyn will be appearing soon, for those who are awaiting it (I know you’re eager!). I also promise a post about sweet Ella in the near future!!

Until then, I hope you are soaking in the good gift of summer,

Just Married: Jeff and Christine – Part 2 of 2 | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer


Christine and Jeff’s was a beautiful wedding! If you missed Part 1 of this post, HERE‘s the link to it. This is part two, with more photos from our time in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and the English Gardens (SO GORGEOUS in fall, I might add!) as well as shots of reception decor details. These two did a fabulous job planning their big day, and all the details – big and small – served to create an inviting and beautiful environment for their guests, and over all, an atmosphere of love and celebration as they covenanted marriage before their friends and families.

Without further ado, here it is: Part 2 of 2





A Walk In The Woods


This past weekend we took a little family trek up to Little Mountain Park. We bundled up against the cold fall wind and picked up an obligatory latte, and off we went! I was able to grab a few shots of my handsome boys, which delighted me to no end. Weird how as a photographer I sometimes have a shortage of photos of my own family!! This one is my very favourite:



At one point during our walk Ethan started yelling in earnest about the monkey he thought he saw in the forest, which totally cracked us up. In this pic he is indicating where he saw the “monkey” – he was so cute and serious about it.



My boy is SO HARD to keep still for photos, but on a positive note, he basically ran the whole time we were there, so burned off plenty of steam. My mom is really emphatic that kids, like dogs (haha) really need to get their energy out in positive ways. I have to agree. Anyway, here are a few of my faves from our stroll… oh, and I included a few pics of my ever-expanding baby belly to satisfy curiosity (in particular: my sister in Calgary was getting after me for some belly shots).

I hope you’re all having a peaceful, cozy autumn!



Just Married: Matthew and Moé | Winnipeg Wedding Photography


Matthew and Moé got married late August, and theirs was a beautiful and memorable wedding. Marcus and I went home afterward feeling both happy for them, and grateful for the privilege of photographing their big day.

These two are a total class act (to quote Marcus) – they were the picture of kindness and grace all day long.  I loved how they went out of their way to create a warm, relational, yet super classy environment for all their guests. In keeping with this crazy summer, the weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate, but last minute the skies cleared they said their vows during a gorgeous – and rain-free!! – ceremony in the outdoor garden at the Assiniboine Park Pavilion. After some mingling and appetizers (and formal photographs!) everyone headed indoors for a delicious meal catered by and hosted in Terrace in the Park.
It was super cool when part way through the reception Matt and Moé surprised their guests with an outfit change, emerging to cheers and gasps in beautiful traditional Pakistani attire. So fun. Not to mention exquisite looking. I loved the celebration of culture that happened that day!!

Matt and Moé, thank you again for inviting us to capture your wedding day!! Enjoy the sneak-peek.