E-Sesh: Courtney and Jesse | Winnipeg Wedding Photography



I’m so excited to be part of Courtney and Jesse’s wedding:) These two are lovely. Courtney and I have known (and/or known of) each other for a long time now — since her friends Sara and Ben got hitched 2 summers ago, in fact!! When she and Jesse starting planning for their own big day, they dropped me a line. I’m glad they did! Courtney is literally one of the sweetest, kindest, most considerate clients I’ve ever worked with. Ever. PLUS, she is a talented photographer, herself. Lots of affinity there:)  Aaaanyway, here’s their e-sesh sneak peek. Their wedding is coming up in a few short weeks…. yay!

Cheers to you, Court and Jesse!



Devin and Alysha Tie the Knot! Winnipeg Wedding Photography



How cute are these two!?

I met Alysha – what? – a year ago now? She and I clicked right away, and have been in touch off an on over the past year as she and Devin worked out the details of their wedding day… Last fall we met up in Assiniboine forest for a family/engagement shoot. Fun! (You can see those pics here.)

The big day dawned with much excitement and anticipation. And their efforts paid off – from details small to big, theirs was a beautiful day. Thanks for inviting me to celebrate your love with you, Devin and Alysha! Enjoy the sneak peek.




Just Married: Haley and Scott | Winnipeg Wedding Photography


Marcus and I walked away from this wedding talking about how super nice Haley and Scott are – seriously, what an awesome, grounded, genuine, kind, cool couple. We felt truly privileged to be part of their day. These two sure love each other A LOT, and their friends and family just added to the joy and warmth between them. It was a great day! (Albeit very, very, very hot — but who am I to complain. I’ll take too much heat over not-enough.)

Enjoy the sneak peek!


p.s. The vests the guys wore are from Guatemala, one of about a bazillion places H&S have traveled to… Also note the sweet travel theme in their reception decor. Love it.




Just Married: Toby and Kevin | Winnipeg Wedding Photographers

Marcus and I joined forces on Toby and Kevin’s lovely June wedding day…. we had a relatively short time to get a whole lot of pictures, so having the two of us going was great (and fun! I love working with him). This couple is lovely and sweet and kind, and between a stroll about the exchange district, an intimate ceremony at Dalnavert Museum, and a photo session in and about the beautiful, historic site, we had a bounty of photos documenting their special day and – more importantly – their beautiful relationship:) Thanks, Toby and Kevin, for giving us a glimpse into your life and love on such a profound day!!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

E-Session: Toby and Kevin | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

I think it had been over a year since I last saw Toby and Kevin, so it was sooo nice to meet up with them recently for the long-awaited E-Session. We took a low key approach and just meandered around the Osborne area, taking advantage of neat fences and walls for photo backdrops. Fun!

These two are so great together, and are truly lovely and down-to-earth (not to mention, very hip! I love their style.). Looking forward to photographing their wedding — soon!


E-Session: Mandy and Bevan | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

My dear, beautiful friend Mandy recently got engaged to Bevan, or as Mandy likes to refer to him, “Bevan from heaven.” How better to celebrate their upcoming nuptials than with an E-Session. We met up on one of the first truly warm days of the year – I, with baby in tow, and they, with a canoe strapped to the roof of Mandy’s car. We were quite the sight, portaging canoe / pushing baby in stroller through the exchange district, me stopping and yelling (lovingly) randomly as I snagged candids of the lovebirds. Needless to say, we had fun! (And now I’m realizing that I didn’t include that many canoe shots in this post… oh dear! Well, believe me, there are some cute ones that they can put on their wall.) And in retrospect, that kind of silly audacity characterizes my and Mandy’s relationship. We’ve made a lot of crazy/funny memories… many involving canoes, actually. Anyway, I digress.

After the canoe shenanigans we headed off to a cool old rail yard to get a few more pics of the (very) happy couple. Here’s a sampling of some of my faves. They are super cute together, as you can see. I’m thankful for each of them and for this amazing season in their lives….

Mandy and Bevan, blessings on your engagement, wedding plans, and marriage! Hope you feel the love and support from your community as you go forward.


Just Married: Amy and Clinton | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

When I think about this couple and their wedding day, I am filled with gratitude and warm nostalgia — these two are a match made in heaven (literally), and I feel blessed to know them, let alone to have participated in their festive and beautiful wedding day. Amy and Clint are amazing people, and have surrounded themselves with amazing people… plus, they share a beautiful faith and made their love for God a central part of their day…. so you can imagine that the day of celebrating was a great one: worshipful, peaceful, fun (and so on).

Wish I could post more pics, but with my wee baby squirming about and only giving me moments here and there to post blogs, this sneak-peek is shorter than I’d like (and does not represent the # of pics I love from this day!). Still, you’ll hopefully get a little taste of things.

Amy and Clinton, lots more pics to come!

In the meantime, enjoy the sneak-peek.



Introducing Baby Lucy | Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing little Lucy – just 12 days old – recently. What a little sweetheart:) I can’t believe Ethan was that size just a few months ago. The newborn stage really is fleeting… And I know Lucy’s mom and dad are making sure to cherish the things that make this stage so precious. Thanks, Dana and Cody, for letting me capture your little girl – what a treat!

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of my fave shots of the the little beauty.

p.s. Props to the ever-creative Dana for making the headbands and the cute diaper cover seen here!


K turns ONE! | Winnipeg Baby Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing little “K” recently. What a cutie-pie! He just turned ONE. What!? I juuuuuuust photographed him as a newborn. How does time fly so fast? Now he’s so much bigger, and showing tons of personality, grinning and jabbering and pointing and running around….

Happy Birthday sweet “K”. Love to you and your dear family:)

- Meg

p.s. below are a few more of my faves from our sesh. We had a bit ‘o fun getting him messy with cake and icing!!


Baby Ethan | Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

For those of you who don’t know, I have a good explanation from my blog-absence of late: I had a baby!

Ethan arrived on December 2, 2012, at 11:46 pm. He was 6 days early (I’m not complaining!). For those of you who like to know this stuff, he was 7 lb. 5 oz, and 21.5″ long. He’s suuuuch a long boy, in fact, that at 2.5 months he is wearing 3-6 month sleepers, and some 9 month tops! What!? I’m blaming my tall brothers.

Anyway, having a baby is CRAZY. It’s both amazing and hard, and sometimes both at the exact same time. Marcus and I agree that the net effect has been overwhelmingly positive. This little dude has turned our life on its head, but in the best way. We are SO in love with this kid. We think he’s simply amazing, and we’re only just getting to know him. Now I get why parents want to talk about their kids so much. I’m obsessed!! (But don’t worry, I promise I will keep asking questions about your life, too.)

I could go on and on about these past months – lessons learned, ways God has met us in this, funny stories, etc. – and maybe sometime I will, but I make no apology for my absence from the blogosphere (and the veeery part-time nature of my Blue Bird work in general right now): I will update more faithfully again bit by bit, but I just don’t have tons of extra time these days. I think I am spending it well, to prioritize cuddles and feedings and changes and baths and tummy time and “conversations” (he is trying his darndest to talk, it seems) and kisses and burps and lullabies (and washing diapers and wiping baby poo off walls and mopping spit-up….).

Baby-boo is stirring right now, so I should go tend to him:) I will leave you with some pictures from our first few months together (see below).
Love to you all,

Meg (& Marcus)

Ethan: 10 days old


And below: 11 weeks old (ish). Woweeeeeee! He has changed a lot; namely in fatness of cheeks and blueness of eyes, I think.