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Summer In Stripes: Erik and Ethan, 2014 | Winnipeg Kids Photographer


Hi Friends! Welcome to my FIRST BLOG ENTRY in nearly a year. Oh my! Where have I been, you ask? Well…. besides momming it up full-time-ish, I’ve been studying like crazy, trying to finish off a Masters degree. It has been incredibly hard work, but very rewarding. And – I’m nearly done. As in, I’m in my final course. So close! After that you will be seeing much more of me on here.

Anyway, more on my life another time. This post is about my beautiful baby boy, Ethan, and his beautiful “twin” cousin, Erik. I say “twin” because they were born a week apart. But I’m pretty sure that’s where their obvious similarities end. Yes they are both sweet, silly, cute, and stripey, but their personalities are so (!!!) unique and it’s hilarious to see them together. Between the mosquitoes and Ethan’s boundless restless energy, wrangling them was tough work (thanks Tam). Behind the scenes things looked like this sometimes….



and like this at other times…



How do you get 18 month olds to STAY STILL? You don’t. But we managed to snag a few cute shots of our striped baby boys, anyway. Enjoy!



Stay tuned for next year’s Erik+Ethan shoot. Maybe they’ll even smile at the same time for us by then? Not holding my breath.


Introducing Baby Lucy | Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing little Lucy – just 12 days old – recently. What a little sweetheart:) I can’t believe Ethan was that size just a few months ago. The newborn stage really is fleeting… And I know Lucy’s mom and dad are making sure to cherish the things that make this stage so precious. Thanks, Dana and Cody, for letting me capture your little girl – what a treat!

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of my fave shots of the the little beauty.

p.s. Props to the ever-creative Dana for making the headbands and the cute diaper cover seen here!


K turns ONE! | Winnipeg Baby Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing little “K” recently. What a cutie-pie! He just turned ONE. What!? I juuuuuuust photographed him as a newborn. How does time fly so fast? Now he’s so much bigger, and showing tons of personality, grinning and jabbering and pointing and running around….

Happy Birthday sweet “K”. Love to you and your dear family:)

– Meg

p.s. below are a few more of my faves from our sesh. We had a bit ‘o fun getting him messy with cake and icing!!


Baby Ethan | Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

For those of you who don’t know, I have a good explanation from my blog-absence of late: I had a baby!

Ethan arrived on December 2, 2012, at 11:46 pm. He was 6 days early (I’m not complaining!). For those of you who like to know this stuff, he was 7 lb. 5 oz, and 21.5″ long. He’s suuuuch a long boy, in fact, that at 2.5 months he is wearing 3-6 month sleepers, and some 9 month tops! What!? I’m blaming my tall brothers.

Anyway, having a baby is CRAZY. It’s both amazing and hard, and sometimes both at the exact same time. Marcus and I agree that the net effect has been overwhelmingly positive. This little dude has turned our life on its head, but in the best way. We are SO in love with this kid. We think he’s simply amazing, and we’re only just getting to know him. Now I get why parents want to talk about their kids so much. I’m obsessed!! (But don’t worry, I promise I will keep asking questions about your life, too.)

I could go on and on about these past months – lessons learned, ways God has met us in this, funny stories, etc. – and maybe sometime I will, but I make no apology for my absence from the blogosphere (and the veeery part-time nature of my Blue Bird work in general right now): I will update more faithfully again bit by bit, but I just don’t have tons of extra time these days. I think I am spending it well, to prioritize cuddles and feedings and changes and baths and tummy time and “conversations” (he is trying his darndest to talk, it seems) and kisses and burps and lullabies (and washing diapers and wiping baby poo off walls and mopping spit-up….).

Baby-boo is stirring right now, so I should go tend to him:) I will leave you with some pictures from our first few months together (see below).
Love to you all,

Meg (& Marcus)

Ethan: 10 days old


And below: 11 weeks old (ish). Woweeeeeee! He has changed a lot; namely in fatness of cheeks and blueness of eyes, I think.


Baby Gabby | Winnipeg Baby Photographer

Gabby and her mom (Kristen) came by last week for some belated 6-month pictures. What a total sweetie this little girl is. She was so calm, and cute as could be – a dream to photograph. Kristen is such a good mom, and was really lovely to talk to. Watching her and hearing her talk about Gabby made me even more stoked to meet my own little one  (I’m currently 39-ish weeks pregnant) – and I was already pretty darn excited!

We had fun trying out different sets and props* and outfits – Gabby was easy and sweet the whole way through, despite our poking and prodding and cooing and so on:) Dad was even able to drop by for a few minutes during his busy work day so that we could grab a quick few family shots.

So glad I got to meet and work with you folks! Enjoy your sneak peek.

~ Meghan


*Kudos to Leah Guenther for hand-crafting the sweet hanging ornaments!

Baby Jacob | Winnipeg Baby Photographer

This child is too cute for words! I am so thrilled that I had the privilege of photographing him. Jacob’s one of those super cheerful and expressive babies, and his gorgeous brown eyes are always WIDE OPEN. Cuuuuuuuuute. He melts me.

He’s also a very fast crawler, so we literally had seconds to grab photos of him in this or that pose before he was around the corner and exploring. Anyway, I love this kid (and his family) and am excited to share a few of my session faves here. Enjoy! (And thanks C&D for sharing your kid with me!)

– Meg

p.s. His mom is uber-talented and MADE that phenomenal grandpa-sweater he is sporting (!!).


E-Session: Alysha and Devin (and Baby K!) | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Alysha and Devin Title Photograph

I so enjoyed my time getting to know this couple! Alysha and Devin are getting married next summer, and opted for a outdoorsy fall E-Session.

I loved so many things about this session: the setting (!), Alysha and Devin (such a beautiful couple, and really, really lovely people), their adorable baby (they should probably have a dozen or so — they produce GORGEOUS children! Look at that face!), their amaaaaazing hair colour (come on!), and the way it and their sense of style was complemented by the dry grasses…. the list could go on (as could the parentheses. Ha!). Anyway, these two are truly sweet together, and it was so great to be able to spend time with them, capturing just some of what makes their relationship special.

Alysha and Devin, I’m looking forward to photographing your wedding next summer!! And thanks for bringing along baby K for the photos. He’s a huge part of who you guys are together, and I’m so glad we got to include him in the session.

Enjoy the sneak-peek. It was awfully hard narrowing down your shots for because there were just so many I liked!!!  But here are a feeeeeew of my (many) faves.

~ Meg


One of my favourite things

My awesome sis got it in her head that I would really be psyched to receive a pair of custom ordered MONSTER BUM LONGIES as a baby gift. She was right! What a thoughtful present.

I go out of my way to show these to people when they come over… and now I am showing you. They are BEYOND cute. And – there will be a very cute bum to fill them with rather soon!!! (Well…. technically the babe won’t fit these for a while, but the minute he does…. watch out!)

I just love knit things on babies. Sigh.

Aren’t they great?


Maternity Session: Brock and Lorien | Winnipeg Maternity Photographer

Brock is my cousin (which makes Lorien my cousin-in-law), and I was really excited for the chance to photograph these two in the final weeks of pregnancy. Lorien should be giving birth any day now!! Really excited to meet their little one…. soon! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek from their Maternity Session.

Cute couple, right? I love these two. Er….I mean three. I love these three!


Welcoming Baby Keegan | Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

Remember this?

Maternity Photograph

I was so curious to meet the little person inside that bump!  And his mom, dad, and little brother were very eager to meet him. He upped the anticipation more by deciding to arrive 6 days after the projected due date… but everyone would say that the wait was worth it. This little guy is a total gift from God! And he’s so beautiful, calm, and sweet.


Meet Keegan.


Thanks, Dale and Tammy (and Luka) for giving me the opportunity to meet, cuddle, and photograph your GORGEOUS baby!!