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Where have I disappeared to, you ask?

Hi friends! It has been tooooooo long! I dropped out of the blog world for a while — for a most wonderful reason:

Our darling Ella Maisy was born last December and has been busy capturing hearts ever since. And taking up all my time – along with my busy and beautiful Ethan, of course.

Here she is, only a few days old (this was taken in winter, when she was a newborn).


I’m planning on mostly-full-time-momming it for the next while, but will keep my foot in the photography world too. Even if sometimes that just involves posts of beautiful quotidian things. Ordinary happenings like playing at the lake or hanging out with babies, pictures and stories about people and places and things I love and notice. The sorts of things one sees and enjoys when simply living life and seeking to be “present” and grateful.

This summer I’ve had the privilege of doing some photo work with some really DELIGHTFUL people, and I’ll try to post some sneak peeks and whatnot on that in the next few weeks — a wedding post from the lovely Jenny and Harlyn will be appearing soon, for those who are awaiting it (I know you’re eager!). I also promise a post about sweet Ella in the near future!!

Until then, I hope you are soaking in the good gift of summer,

Leah and Travis: A Winter Picnic | Winnipeg Photographer

Last, last summer (i.e 2011) I had the pleasure of photographing Leah and Travis’ engagement session and their wedding day (featured on Style Me Pretty’s blog) – both of which were a real treat to be involved with! These two are excellent people, and terribly cute together. Plus, Leah’s creativity and creative energy know no bounds.

Inevitably, I was excited when she contacted me with the idea of doing a Christmas/winter photo shoot with her and Trav! She hand-crafted neat garlands and ornaments (some of which will see repeat performances in other shoots of mine – thanks Leah!), and made a delicious Winter-Picnic spread. She even cut me a piece of her delectable Pumpkin loaf. Oh my soul, people…. if you ever get the chance to enjoy her baking, TAKE IT.

Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that she also knitted her hand warmers, and her neck cowls. Sheesh! So good. I love great people, and I get so excited by creativity…. and the combo of both in this session made me overwhelmed. I may have danced around about it (at 8-plus-months pregnant, no less).

Anyway, here are a few of my faves from the shoot. Thanks, L&T – I loooove photographing you two!!


Gleem Jewellery | A Sneak Peek of the Shoot

Jane Martens, creator, owner, and all-round brilliant mind behind Gleem Jewellery, never ceases to amaze! She pulled together some of her most recent creations for a fall photo session, and, as always, her work is outstanding! What a super-fun and inspiring shoot to be a part of. Sigh. Lucky me.

Great people, great location, great jewellery. Loved it!

There are more pics than shown here, of course, but I’ll let her reveal those to you herself. This post is just a sneak peek of some of my fave shots of these gorgeous models wearing unique and lovely Gleem creations. Check ’em out!

To see more of Jane’s work (and buy some! Buy lots!), visit her Etsy store. You can also become a Gleem fan on her Facebook page (do it!).

~ Meg

p.s. HUGE thanks to Tammy Bargen, Crystal Siemens, and Jacquelyn Koslowsky for modelling for this session! You ladies are stellar.


One of my favourite things

My awesome sis got it in her head that I would really be psyched to receive a pair of custom ordered MONSTER BUM LONGIES as a baby gift. She was right! What a thoughtful present.

I go out of my way to show these to people when they come over… and now I am showing you. They are BEYOND cute. And – there will be a very cute bum to fill them with rather soon!!! (Well…. technically the babe won’t fit these for a while, but the minute he does…. watch out!)

I just love knit things on babies. Sigh.

Aren’t they great?


A lovely winter walk | Winnipeg Pet Photographer

We took care of my parents’ dog (I consider him mine), Teddy-Bear, for a week recently. He’s huge and energetic, and between him and Finn (our very own pup), our hands were rather full. To get out some of their crazy energy we took them on MANY a walk.


On this particular day, I decided to tote my camera along and try out a lens some friends loaned us (thanks, friends!). It was a delightful day…. the kind of day that reminds you that Spring is a real season, and it’s coming your way!

When I first said the “W” word, Teddy and Finn cast eager, yet skeptical looks my way (see above). Fortunately for them, their skepticism was unfounded. Walk we did. And we even met made many new dog friends along the way. Here are a few of the friends we met.


(Thanks all you lovely owners who let me photograph your dogs and even helped them “pose”!  And thanks for your patience with me getting this post up.)

After playing with new dog acquaintances, the boys went and played ball, ran, rolled in the field, and in Marcus’ case at least, looked handsome and photogenic for the camera. All in all, a fun time! And a fabulous reminder that some of the best things in life are free: God’s good creation (dogs and snowy fields alike), walks, sunny winter days… Yes, friends, there is much to be grateful for in (and about) winter time.



Sarah Comes to Winnipeg | Winnipeg Portrait Photographer

Over Christmas this year, my brother, Cam, flew back from Vancouver where he’s been studying (at the AMAZING Regent College, through which I’m doing part time distance schooling now and where I attended in person last year). It was a treat to have him here. And to sweeten the deal, last-minute a dear friend of his (and now of mine) flew to Winnipeg to join the whole fam. for the festivities. Sarah’s from NZ and needed a family for Christmas (hers is so far away!). It was wonderful having her; besides lots of good chats, we got to go out and introduce here to Winnipeg-y and winter-y things, too, “showing off” this and that about how tough Winnipeggers are and how awesome winter is.

I’m not sure she was impressed by our toughness (I may have complained of a cold bum on a relatively mild day), but she was constantly remarking at how very beautiful the snow is. I admit, I take that for granted regularly – especially having grown up with interminable winters and the resultant cold hands and feet. It really was refreshing to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us here.

Aaaaanyway, we went to the Forks one day – Sarah, my dear mom, and me – and went for a walk along the stunningly pretty river. How can you have a Winnipeg visitor and not show them the Forks?? It would be a crime not to.

Sarah even stood right on the ice where the two rivers meet (an epic spot!), while my mom stood on the shore and yelled protectively and loudly:) I’m glad I brought my camera along *just in case*
I was able to grab a few quick shots of the lovely Sarah on her Winnipeg adventure.


Photographs of Sarah


Manitoba Summer

I’ve been working on my Masters this year at a school in Vancouver (Regent College), and in 10 days, this amazing chapter in my life will be coming to a close.  I mean, I’ll be taking some distance courses and coming back next spring for a short course or two, but living here – being on campus day after day, meeting with Profs 1 on 1 on a consistent basis, looking at the mountains over the beautiful downtown skyline – will be over. It’s been a remarkable time. On one hand, leaving is hard, but on the other, terribly exciting!  I love Winnipeg, and I love photography – and I have the privilege of joining the two once again…. soon!!  Not only that, but I get to combine the former two with other favorite things: friends, family, Teddy Bear (the family dog), the lake, and MANITOBA SUMMER – complete with engagement and wedding shoots in the summer sun, gelati, wild-blueberry picking, bonfires, and family fun!!!  I’ve had summer on the brain lately (can you tell?).  It doesn’t hurt that I recently acquired some new editing tools and skills and spent some time re-editing (or editing for the first time)  some fun year-old photo files!  Here are some pictures that I discovered (or re-discovered) in the vast abyss that is my computer.  They are on the broad theme of summer, lake, family, and dog.  Enjoy!  And dream of summer – it’s just around the corner:)

Pictures of MB Summer

people, places, things: part 2

Sometimes Marcus and I dog-sit for some good friends of ours.  Last time we did I took advantage of the beautiful lighting in their place to get some pictures of one of my favorite chairs of all time…. TA-DA:

This is a genuine Harvard school chair.  You can tell it has a story… it’s so rustic and full of character.  I also entreated my dear husband to pose for some back-lit profile shots.  Here’s my top pick:

people, places, things: part 1

I have a whole pile of miscellaneous pictures – people I love, places I’ve visited, things I like – that I have endeavored to “organize” into meaningful groupings.  Following are several shots on an urban theme. The middle two “city in the rain” pictures epitomize one notable aspect of my time here; but given that I’m a sunny/blue skies girl, they don’t get the winning vote. I think the underside of the Granville St. Bridge is my favourite. Actually, maybe the gull shots are my favourites… I can’t pick!  I’ll let you decide.

All things green

I recall whining to a friend about how grey Vancouver skies can be, and having her reply that the incredible greens of plant-life make up for the blue skies of frigid-Manitoba.  Well… I can’t say it’s a simple trade off like that for me, but I have to admit, the greens here are incredible; and especially so on cloudy days.

So…..I’ve taken some photographs of the lushness. Here’s my tribute to green!  *The last picture is of a blanket I am knitting my sister for her (belated!) wedding gift…. the Vancouver palette serves as inspiration for the project.