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Le Studio: Test Run #1

My sweet Finn (affectionately known as “F-Stop,” and less affectionately known as “F-Bomb” – ha!) offered to pose for me as I excitedly tried out my NEW INDOOR STUDIO set up. Sadly, he was not ready for the above shot (and remains slightly bashful about it – don’t tell him I posted this picture online!!!).
Definitely some tweaks to be made, but I’m excited to be making a go at this! As awesome as Finn is, I anticipate that you will witness even more extreme levels of cuteness coming from my studio to your computer screen in the very near future…. stay tuned!!

Until soon….

A lovely winter walk | Winnipeg Pet Photographer

We took care of my parents’ dog (I consider him mine), Teddy-Bear, for a week recently. He’s huge and energetic, and between him and Finn (our very own pup), our hands were rather full. To get out some of their crazy energy we took them on MANY a walk.


On this particular day, I decided to tote my camera along and try out a lens some friends loaned us (thanks, friends!). It was a delightful day…. the kind of day that reminds you that Spring is a real season, and it’s coming your way!

When I first said the “W” word, Teddy and Finn cast eager, yet skeptical looks my way (see above). Fortunately for them, their skepticism was unfounded. Walk we did. And we even met made many new dog friends along the way. Here are a few of the friends we met.


(Thanks all you lovely owners who let me photograph your dogs and even helped them “pose”!  And thanks for your patience with me getting this post up.)

After playing with new dog acquaintances, the boys went and played ball, ran, rolled in the field, and in Marcus’ case at least, looked handsome and photogenic for the camera. All in all, a fun time! And a fabulous reminder that some of the best things in life are free: God’s good creation (dogs and snowy fields alike), walks, sunny winter days… Yes, friends, there is much to be grateful for in (and about) winter time.



Cute Finn | Winnipeg Pet Photographer

Guys, I just may have the most amazing puppy on earth. No, really. And he’s getting so handsome, too! Introducing our (now 4.5 month old) Double Doodle, Finn.

Full name: Finnigan Maxwell Fowler. Heehee. Very dignified.


Finn McCutes Photo

Marcus and I bought him in November and when he was brand new I remember him being so wee and sweet and cuddly and scared. He’s growing so fast and has exited the wee and scared phases, but has (thankfully!) remained cuddly and cute. This pic was taken (by Marcus) back when Finn was not allowed to go on walks because he didn’t have all his shots yet…. Teddy (Bouvier) desperately needed some exercise, so I put Finn in a snuggli and carried his little shivering body, hugging him to keep him warm. Oh the things I do for him!


Below is a series of shots from his puppyhood.  I should note that I LOVE photographing pets – so if you or anyone you know needs a PET PHOTOGRAPHER, I’d love to hear from you (or them) :)

Warning: don’t stare too long at any one picture or you might be tempted to steal him from us (a big no-no)! We’ve already broken several rules because of his cuteness – like letting him on the bed. Eeep! We’re now training him out of that b/c one day he might shed….




Robyn, Jason, Lilly, & Harvey

When Robyn and Jason and I first discussed a photoshoot, we admittedly only had the dogs in mind… however, we changed our minds last minute, and I’m glad we did! As much as I love dogs (that’s A LOT), I love people more. Plus, I was given the opportunity to capture all sorts of fun dynamics:  the dogs with each other, people with dogs, people with people.  I had so much fun with this shoot!!  I had so much fun, in fact, that I edited the pictures like a maniac when I should have been studying. Photography does that to me….

p.s. The dogs’ names are Harvey and Lilly.  They are rhodesian ridgebacks — BEAUTIFUL dogs, as you can see.  They’re amazing: so polite and sweet and obedient. Continue reading »