Wedding Albums – Info

Hello friends,

below are some sample spreads from a “CREATIVE” style album a previous client opted for. Please note that the alternate option – the “CLASSIC” style album – would be arranged in a generally comparable way, but with white backgrounds where you see varied backgrounds below. Please also note that while the below sample is of a Wedding Album (15X11) the “CREATIVE” and “CLASSIC” options are both available for Parent Albums (8X8) as well.


The image below is of the Front/Back Cover (hardcover, imagewrap) of this client’s Wedding Album:


See, like this:

The following image is of the FIRST page of the Album – which is on the right hand side of the Album when opened.


Like… this:


The rest of the sample images represent TWO-PAGE SPREADS – the left half of the long image is the left page and the right half is the right page. Please keep in mind that no two albums are identical – I customize them for each client. Some sets of pages will have long photos extending across most or all of the (two page) spread, and others will have an assortment of photos on any given page. I try to make it feel “right” aesthetically:)